The right channel to send money from U.K. to Ghana

Refund Policy


1. You have the right to rescind a money transfer through the Intergrity services Website within 14 days. The rescission must be declared to us expressly and in writing by e-mail or by mail. However, this right of rescission does not apply if we have already paid out the funds to the Receiver before we received your notice of rescission. When exercising your right of rescission prior to our having paid out the funds to the Receiver, We will refund the amount of the transfer to you and do not charge any fees.

2. You may rescind a money transfer order in writing by e-mail or mail sent to us provided that we have not as yet paid out the funds to the Receiver prior to receiving your notice of rescission. In this case we will refund to you the amount of the money transfer at the Intergrity services exchange rate valid at the moment of the refund, however at least at the nominal value of the transfer amount insofar as the funds have not been paid out to the Receiver within 45 days. In this case the transfer fees will not be refunded. If We do not make the funds available for collection by the Receiver within three Business Days, We will refund in the event of Your justified notice of rescission the amount of the money transfer plus all transfer fees paid (subject to statutory or regulatory restrictions).